Saas Fee!

Well, I have really nothing much to say these days. Just working and going to the gym as usual. Nothing special. BUT, I have bought tickets to Saas Fee. I will leave Norway the 11th of October, and stay in Saas Fee for 10 days. NTG, my old school is the gang I am travveling there with, and it’s going to be sick! Skiing great park in fall is really what I need to become a better skier, and progress with new tricks!

Look out for rapid updates in the nearest future, I promise I’ll get better!

Pre-work gym sessions

For those of you who work out or attending a sport of some sort, know’s probably that it takes a lot of time. Since I work late this week I will try to go to the gym BEFORE work. In that case I get every night off, and it is really needed!! So today my alarm went off at 0700 AM, which is early when thinking of that work starts at 10.30.

The darkest time of the year

It’s getting darker outside everyday, and my motivation for everything seems to fail quite more often… I work out a lot, and I am at work most of the time. I really want to go skiing, but not quite ready for cold weather and travvelling. Hopefully there will be something or someone who can help me out this winter. Travvelling is fun when I first get into the skiing again. I feel so emty inside me when I think about what I am doing right now. Work is just a quick gesture for making money, so that I can travel this winter.. But lately it has come to me, that it is more like a routine I am about to be a part of. It’s like I can’t get out. Everyone is studying, working or skiing in my world. I am not skiing, not studying but I am working (which is the last thing I really want to do).

I haven’t seen my friends or family for GOD how long, and it doesn’t look like I get a single saturday off for months…. My friends was my everything back in the days, now I barely see them at all.. I have probably spent 4 or 5 weekends with them the last year.
Hopefully they are coming to visit me this weekend, and like JD in the show Scrubs like to put it: ” It’s gonna be AWHHHH-SOOME!!”
Blog to you later folks, peace.

I am a bad blogger. Picture mania!

Since I suck at blogging while having vacation, I rather not bore you with text of what we have done.. I have been out of internet access all week, and therefore the lack of updates. We have mostly been chilling and eating nice food all week. Here is 20 shots of the latest days! It’s picture-bombing time!!!

Something I will have more of in the future; Greek Salad.

Ida looking scary at the Island Beach Bar.

Same place. Island Beach Bar at Thassos Island.

Shots from our around the Island trip, on a gay bike. Scooter it is!

Looking sceptical due to bad weather.

I love the fact that I spent 5 minutes photoshopping this picture! Guess how?

A reef.

A beach straw-parasole.

Some beach nearby where we had lunch during our little trip on the Island.

Lunch it is!

Me pretending to be stoked…I mean come oooooon! It’s a scooter !! Not cool. But cheap..

Aliki Beach. The paradise for snorkling! Damn I wanted to stop by, but it was really cold this day and I didn’t really feel the whole snorkling-thing…

Paradise beach in the background.. Someone has a nice helmet!

Nice legs, and an uncalm ocean.

The cheese-rock.. Looks like cheese, taste like rock.

Give it a shot…
..aaand, stoked!

Couldn’t help it. I MUST do something action-related every day, or else I get crazy.
I might seem like a booring guy, but inside I burn to flip around like a kid. It depends on who I am with at that exact time. Cause beeing alone doesn’t allways appeal to showing off your tricks wherever…

Poledancer is my new job… How’s that working out for you?
Time to hit the sack, been travveling all day. Got back to Norway this evening, and we didn’t even get our bags… damn!!

Getting the feeling of peace

Since my life has been all about effectivity for the last three months, it is time to lower my shoulders and relax one week. I think I am getting a hold of it, really good!

Today all I have been doing is eating good food, and working on my tan… Well, we went for a jog before breakfast with pullups and dropdown work out in a local playground here. Perfect start of the day!

Had a nice chicken filet lunch with coffee at Island beach bar. Lovely!

I like it down here, slow days and warm weather.
Sitting outside a local bakery right now, hustling free wireless to blog to you! Me and Ida are leaving for dinner pretty soon, waiting for her to get dressed. She has been a good girl these three days. Reading books for her homework, schoolstuff!
I am hungry, so I better be leaving. Take care, I will.. and after this week my mind will be set at Winter-time!

Greek Island

Today we woke up to overcast and not to warm weather. We were a little bummed out about it, but tried to not letting it bother us.

After walking a nice little trip up to a height in the city, we had coffee and lunch. While we sat there (half-an hour), the skies broke up and the sun came for a visit! We rushed home to get some beach gear, and picked the first sunbed we saw. After 4 hours at the beach with pure vacation feeling and relaxiation, it was time to head home and chill out some more. The village/city here, is pretty cozy, with markeds all over the place, and a long mainstreet with stores and restaurants. Today was the first time we had the good-feeling since we came here, and it felt great! Vacation rocks!! |

Ida looking ghosty after a nice steak-dinner by the sea.

Morning walk, warm breeze in the air.

Doesn’t look that warm does it? Well, it came later on..

Monkey had his banana? No..

On the top of the world, cheeea

Really cool spot, like colosseum, only smaller.. WAY smaller.

Here is were I wanna be. Cheers, vacation rocks!
Over and out from the Greek island. Blog to you soon!

Vacation time!

Yesterday was a long day. Alarm set at 01.45 AM. (At night), and jumped right into the car for a 2 hour drive half-asleep! Me and Ida got to the airport with a good margin, and had a nice little breakfast together. The flight went on perfectly, had a lot of sleeping and music. We flew from Oslo – via Skiathos in Greece, further on to some place I can’t remember. From there it was bus, ferry and then bus again. And like that, we were at Thassos Island, Greece. Unfortunately (our perfect luck) it was rainy and cold today. We got a small little hotel room with a backyard pool three meters away! (pimp).

After strolling the streets of Thassos for souvenirs, we bought some food and chilled for the afternoon.

The night got cozy with a sea-side restaurant topped with grilled steak and Greek beer. Perfect start on our well-deserved vacation. Hopefully the weather gets better as the week goes on. Peace!

Early!! been awake for 3 hours allready!

Outside The airport in Greece. Going to Thassos!

Not the sight I had in mind, but it got warmer today!

This is awful food, but had to fill my stomach with something! My last kebab in a few months!