Greek Island

Today we woke up to overcast and not to warm weather. We were a little bummed out about it, but tried to not letting it bother us.

After walking a nice little trip up to a height in the city, we had coffee and lunch. While we sat there (half-an hour), the skies broke up and the sun came for a visit! We rushed home to get some beach gear, and picked the first sunbed we saw. After 4 hours at the beach with pure vacation feeling and relaxiation, it was time to head home and chill out some more. The village/city here, is pretty cozy, with markeds all over the place, and a long mainstreet with stores and restaurants. Today was the first time we had the good-feeling since we came here, and it felt great! Vacation rocks!! |

Ida looking ghosty after a nice steak-dinner by the sea.

Morning walk, warm breeze in the air.

Doesn’t look that warm does it? Well, it came later on..

Monkey had his banana? No..

On the top of the world, cheeea

Really cool spot, like colosseum, only smaller.. WAY smaller.

Here is were I wanna be. Cheers, vacation rocks!
Over and out from the Greek island. Blog to you soon!

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