I have established a friendship with DOVRE clothing this winter. Wich means
I get to use their fantastic underwear. I hate getting cold when I’m skiing,
I don’t think that would be any of my concerns this winter.
In December 08, I was skiing Breckenridge with Anders Backe and Paal Andre lund.
It was snowstorm, and -27 centigrades. I had a shitty thin layer underneath my
techpants and skijacket. From that day I was not planning to freeze while skiing again.

It is my last month of working before I get to ski every day. And I bought
this twin-halogen lamp at work. Why? Because now, I get to hit rails all night after work!
SO stoked after yesterdays session at Stampa (Railpark in Lillehammer). The young kids
were kicking my ass, but I had so much fun, and SO much to learn!
Leaving you guys for now, Ski you soon!

King of Style

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Finally home, and it feels good! Long trip, and just a few more
days of work before Hafjell opens!

And to you with ip adress from Trondheim, Norway who allways write the
most fun comments
everytime I get to do something fun. The fact that you are actually following my blog
and reading most of my posts, equals the same to me as YOU DO care what I do.
It doesn’t mean much to me really, just wanted you to know that. But the fact that
you are taking your time from your job, with your job-computer, or your
school-computer from Sør-Trøndelag fylkeskommune, only proof that you
are jealus and hate your education or job…

But I appreciate you taking some time off every now and then to check my blog. I appreciate that.


Have a good night.


Today I woke up and had breakfast. Me and Gaute stroled by the
Ferrari shop once more, and on our way back we saw this little devil
in disguise!! Bmw 740 LI. This one right here does not slow down the traffic!
Pretty stressful to carry around this much luggage, but it has to be done
if you want to go skiing. Right now I am at Geneva airport waiting for my
flight at 1.10 pm.
I cannot wait to hit streetrails in Lillehammer. Fall is all about skiing urban.

From Mountainlife to citylife

Today was a long day going from one inviroment to a another.
Kim, Lasse and me posing it out on the glacier of Saas-Fee today
Beautiful weather, and the last day of skiing here. It’s been nice 10
days, but the time has just flown away!
I hurted my shoulder yesterday, and didn’t think I was able to ski today.
I took the chance, and went up the gondola to the top. The pain was gone..
I tried to smooth over my tricks by not spinning to much today, but I ended up
sessioning the last hours with sw 10’s and double cork 10’s. The double 10 was not
perfect, but I will work on it till it’s perfect!
The mountains underneath the beautiful weather today was a
really nice view!
Audun wasn’t to happy with beein let out on the group-
photo… Touche!
Last day of skiing went fast, and all of a sudden we were packed
to go, and on a bus to Geneva city. I have never stayed in Geneva,
but flown here a lot. I celebrated the good day with my book. So
Geneva city, the hotel. A messed-up chaos to
say the least. 33 skiers with 1 bag and 1 boardbag each.
The lobby looked like a war-zone to me..
I typed a new facebook status as soon as we got to the hotel:
“20 metres away from a Ferrari shop” I wasn’t joking. This
was really a cool thing for me. You see, I like cars a lot.
Ferraris aren’t exactly a everyday-view in Norway! Me and
Lasse enjoying the nice view.
What’s the name of this one? Really cool though.

Had to get something to eat. Went for a true italian restaurant
a few blocks away. Best oven-baked pizza ever!
Really tired after a long day right now. Sharing bed with Gaute,
who hit his head hard on a foreward 10 today. Messed-up pains.
Gotta get some sleep before flying back to Oslo, and eventually
Lillehammer tomorrow.


Found THIS on the internet right now. A friend told me I was on the front page of the largest newspaper online in Norway. I answered him.. yeah, cool. Like I was there for real.. psss, hah!

It turned out to be true actually. Not everyday you get be coverboy.