A journey to the first snow

Yesterday was a long day, but I have got used to it. Jump on a train for two hours to Oslo. Check in at the airport and wait a few hours, three hours in the air, and finally three hours with a tour-bus.

On the way from Geneva to Saas-fee we stopped for food. Here represented by Lars-Håkon and Gabz. Since I am travveling with my old school and ski gymnasium, NTG from Lillehammer. A crew of 25 young talented skiers are about to enter Saas-Fee to kill their park.

I am not to much of a junk-food kind of guy, so this was my suggestion for a meal. Business lunch as mention on the lid. haha.

Asbjørn “Assa” is one of the coaches in this group, cool guy.

I bought a book for fun at Oslo Airport. It turned out to be a little more exciting than first expected. Down 200 pages in just 5 hours, I think that is a record for me!

We arrived Saas-Fee just past midnight and didn’t get to sleep before 1.30 AM… Which sucks when you have to get up at 7.00 AM for breakfast. It turned out to be STORM at the glacier (Snow Park), and it is windy as hell outside. I’m sharing room with Vegard Øye, earlier seen in movies such as THIS ONE. (www.steffenhamre.com is not responsible for any content in any other sites.)
Right now I have to sit here and watch the rain! Pray for sun and pray for sick tricks!

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