First day off in the alps – in pictures

This is what it looks like when some of the best skiers in Norway travel down Europe to ski in the alps, and the park is closed due to storm. Geeks!!

Reminds me of Zermatt a lot! Really cozy alp-village.

This might be a sight for any persons dreams, to release the kid inside yourself and climb anything you see, just like when you were a kid. Vegard, on the other hand… lives out every single one of his dreams, every day!

Regular cars aren’t allowed inside Saas-fee village. Each person with something to show for him/herself get’s to buy a car. It costs 56 000 Euros for one of these!! Geez, could have bought a splendid Audi with a large enginge for that sum!

No the best day when it comes to weather situation. Especially not for skiing!

Pasta with meatsauce for lunch. Nice!

In the basement inbetween a garage and a sauna, I found this small gym. Me and Vegard sessioned for half-an hour. Gotta do something when you can’t ski!
I’m off to play football, c ya!

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