Today was yet another day at the mountain with bluebird and
rock-solid ice-age looking slopes. Allthough it wasn’t as hard as yesterday,
which is good I suppose.

I still try to gather my skills from last years season, but it takes some time.
I haven’t got any banger shots yet, but I rather practice untill I get it clean before
any video is uploaded!
One thing came across my head today. Every year I have been skiing, food has
been an issue. I love food, and I love taking time to eat it well. But while you ski
it is something you don’t have time for. After two hours of skiing, getting warm
and ready for sick tricks, the last thing you want is a 20 minutes lunch-break and
get cold again! has the most genious invention! It is basically a small portion-bag of powder
that you mix into water, and it is a full-worthy meal. It takes less than 3 minutes to
drink, and then you ar off to ski again! And the best thing is; You don’t feel like crap
after eating/drinking it.
Skiing is a technical sport. All details counts for something, and every detail must be
included to do things perfect. These details are easy to forget when finishing skiing
after a season. I like the sport because of that, and that you can learn new stuff everyday.
But to be honest; It’s hard!! I wish tricks could come to me easier. But the feeling of having
the skis on every day, and feel that the season is on is just amazing!
Filmtip of the day: Level1’s Refresh… Henrik Harlaut is the best skier in zhe world.. period


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