Rapid change of weather situation in the alps!

When I woke up this morning, more than half of the gang
down here had their day off. Since I have payed my money
to ski, that’s what I had in mind! 20 km/h wasn’t going to
stop me from skiing.
Ketz aka “Dj Ketz” and I shredded the foggy
park with small shots of sun every now and then.
It got a little hard to see in the end, but I allmost put
my feet down on a sw 10. I got the hat of my hoodie
over my head, and had to guess where the landing was.
Tomorrow I will have it, I promise!
Decided to hit a pizza-restaurant for once, which turned out
NOT to be a great idea. Henrik and Sjur after 1 hour of waiting!
Kim, Lasse and Joachim aka “birdman” also waited a long
time, even before the waitress showed up by our table.
Afterwords we got told that they where fresh out of pizza buns,
( even at happyhour), we got a half-price deal for pasta instead.
Great idea? No.
Half-hour later we got a big pan of spaghetti and a big pan of meat
all for sharing. It didn’t even cover half the plates that were put out,
and only some of us got to eat. It was cold when we got it. And even after
another 30 minutes without food, I walked away telling the waitress that
this was inappropriate, and I asked her if I could pay for my drink. She told me to
just go. And that’s what I am telling you NOT to: Don’t go there – EVER!

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