From Mountainlife to citylife

Today was a long day going from one inviroment to a another.
Kim, Lasse and me posing it out on the glacier of Saas-Fee today
Beautiful weather, and the last day of skiing here. It’s been nice 10
days, but the time has just flown away!
I hurted my shoulder yesterday, and didn’t think I was able to ski today.
I took the chance, and went up the gondola to the top. The pain was gone..
I tried to smooth over my tricks by not spinning to much today, but I ended up
sessioning the last hours with sw 10’s and double cork 10’s. The double 10 was not
perfect, but I will work on it till it’s perfect!
The mountains underneath the beautiful weather today was a
really nice view!
Audun wasn’t to happy with beein let out on the group-
photo… Touche!
Last day of skiing went fast, and all of a sudden we were packed
to go, and on a bus to Geneva city. I have never stayed in Geneva,
but flown here a lot. I celebrated the good day with my book. So
Geneva city, the hotel. A messed-up chaos to
say the least. 33 skiers with 1 bag and 1 boardbag each.
The lobby looked like a war-zone to me..
I typed a new facebook status as soon as we got to the hotel:
“20 metres away from a Ferrari shop” I wasn’t joking. This
was really a cool thing for me. You see, I like cars a lot.
Ferraris aren’t exactly a everyday-view in Norway! Me and
Lasse enjoying the nice view.
What’s the name of this one? Really cool though.

Had to get something to eat. Went for a true italian restaurant
a few blocks away. Best oven-baked pizza ever!
Really tired after a long day right now. Sharing bed with Gaute,
who hit his head hard on a foreward 10 today. Messed-up pains.
Gotta get some sleep before flying back to Oslo, and eventually
Lillehammer tomorrow.

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