Finally home, and it feels good! Long trip, and just a few more
days of work before Hafjell opens!

And to you with ip adress from Trondheim, Norway who allways write the
most fun comments
everytime I get to do something fun. The fact that you are actually following my blog
and reading most of my posts, equals the same to me as YOU DO care what I do.
It doesn’t mean much to me really, just wanted you to know that. But the fact that
you are taking your time from your job, with your job-computer, or your
school-computer from Sør-Trøndelag fylkeskommune, only proof that you
are jealus and hate your education or job…

But I appreciate you taking some time off every now and then to check my blog. I appreciate that.


Have a good night.


5 thoughts on “Home

  1. HEI!

    Det er den ivrige lesern igjen, jeg har et spm. hva syns du om magic suite i forhold til gangsta..?? Hva vil du anbefale, hvilken føler du deg mest komfortabel ut i..

    Mvh ivrig leser.

  2. halla.. Nå som dere er inne på outfit å sånn, hva slags hjelm er det du kjører i?? den er så JÆVELIG kul xD

    Hilsen: Stor fan!

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