Hafjell shred with friends

This made my day, the end of the perfect one!

Todays shred was the perfect start of this season. Watch and enjoy!

Edit: Magz

Camera: Steffen, Arman, Magz, Ketz, Bagz


Skiing is the shit!!

Today was a very very very fun day. Went to Hafjell with Magnus “Brogan” Nørsteng. We cruised the pre-season park all day, and shot some video for tonights edit. You should check it out. We got there when it opened, and went home when it closed. 6 hours of skiing really takes its toll on the body, but today was all about fun every minute. Check out the edit later on..



Went to my first ever hockey-game tonight. Glad I did, superfun!! 2500 spectators isn’t exactly American standard, but it was cool to see. Much more entertaining than football. More fighting, more action. Just the way I like it.

Lillehammer just lost 3 – 4, and started a big fight with the other team. Now this is entertaining!


Well, here it is. It might sound kind of gay to some, but fully necessary. My memory is worse than a goldfish’s, and that’s why I made this list. Haven’t quite got what this is?  Well, it is a list with all the tricks I want to learn this year. I know a few from before of, but these are the ones I haven’t learned yet, or want to do perfect.  I had this kind of list two years ago, and never before have I had such passion for skiing. I think it’s a good idea, and that it would help me appreciate every day at skiing. Since there is ALLWAYS something to learn.


Stoked on finally doing this, can’t wait to start of. I’m actually waiting for Mr.Even Sigstad to call so we can go hit the railpark. I think it’s going to be pretty darn icy after last three days of rain and now cold weather.

Coaching (Updated)

Just had an awesome time coaching 40 skiers in Lillehammer tonight. The plan was to jump trampoline and do some basic gymnastics with stretching, but the trampoline idea got screwed. Better luck next time. Really cool to see some many stoked skiers do some real training for once.

Floor-exercises, side-rolls etc… I don’t think anyone THINKS this is hard. But it can be!

Anders Murud, founder of the freeskiing club in Lillehammer. ex-schoolmate.

Flipping it out on the springboards. To bad the trampoline-session got canceled. We will have to do it later.

Crowd signing up for the club. The plan is to gather the local and young TALENTED skiers in Lillehammer to do some basics indoor, jump trampoline and have fun outside on the rails.


Railmasterflex; Even Sigstad. Check out his part in FieldProductions’  Eyes wide open – and you will see why.