Good news

Me and Ida headed home to my parents-home, in Hommelvik on Saturday. Went on a reunionparty with my old school-mates, which was awesome.  Sunday I woke up and went out for a jog with Ida, and since it has been ages since last time I threw some tricks on my trampoline, I figured it was about time.

This trick scared the shit out of me all last year, and I tried it several times into foam-pit. But as it turns out, it’s rather easier than expected!


Yesterday I went for a sponsorship-meeting in the afternoon, before we both drove to Trondheim, to pay Ida’s friend and boyfriend a visit. Really nice to get to know them!


And as you can see, my blog is now on, same blog, same adress, but more possibilites. Really looking foreward to spend some time, learning all the fancy stuff about wordpress.

It’s windy like hell outside, and I really want to hit the trampoline again. I think I’m going to give it a shot later.  Hafjell is opening next weekend, and it’s going to be awesoooome.




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