Oslo – Norwegian skiers gather

Today was my first day in Oslo in a looong time, and quite a long day as well. Met up at 12 in Heminghallen, a relatively new playground for skiers and gymnasts. Trampolines and tumbling lanes all over the place. Today was supposed to be the first gathering with the best Norwegian skiers, trying to assemble a national team.

pk og pål

Pk Hunder is back on track, as never before! Kicking ass on the tumbling track.

Gaute and the rest

Gaute Silseth, Klaus Finne, Audun Linnerud and Halvard Thon. A lot of good skiers


Dølp and Gabz. Taking a brake from insane trampoline action. There were some serious throwdowns today!


This is one of three trampolines at the place, they all go in to the foam pit thingy in the background.



This tramp invited us to do whatever we wanted to. Insane session there today! Keeping the tramp at floor-level is such a great thing.  Johan Berg just blew my mind today, with some insane trampoline moves, stomping the crap out of his landings off  the tramp. You will see a lot more from this guy in the future. I believe he is only 14 years young.


My body feels like it has taken some serious hits from a boxer or an MMA artist, I feel beat up… time to toss in the towel for today.


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