Oslo and back


Second day off national-team gathering today. Some SERIOUS action went down on the tramps. We’re talking triple mistys, kangaroos, dobule cork 1440’s… If you see any videos from it, you will be shocked. I was.

But I had an awesome time today, eventhough my body was aching after yesterdays session. We got to know that all of the guys who were on the gathering, is now on the national team. So I am stoked to be a part of the team, with that many sick skiers! Probably one of the best teams of skiers in the world right now. Every time I am with these guys, I automaticly throw down my best tricks without even beeing scared of what I do, just stoked!

The picture is taken by Andreas Fausko, and the trick is a cork 5 wall-tap.  I allmost crashed my car while driving down my road tonight. Road was pure ice with water on top, no grip at all!!

Tomorrow I need to buy some tickets, and do a whole bunch of other stuff.. See you for so long!


2 thoughts on “Oslo and back

    • Hei Anders!

      Jeg skal prøve å få fikset et kamera i nærmeste fremtid. Det jeg har nå er for gammelt og dårlig for dagens nett-teknologi med HD osv osv..

      Men det VIL komme klipp fra samlinga på skiforbundets sider og evt nrk. Når er jeg derimot ikke sikker på.


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