In true spirit of efficiency

I groaned by a noise this morning… The coffe-maker… Backe is up! Allready? 06.40???!?!?!  Yes, rise and shine cowboy, shred is on, bluebird in Breck! My mega-monster-cup of coffe this morning was not enough to wake me up. Had to take one to go, to bring on the bus. Stoked!

We forgot, Saturday in Breck is crowded like a bag of sheeps. Lift-quing didn’t stop us from skiing, that’s for sure.

Freeway (Big jump line) in Breck. We stood ready to drop in at 09.10 AM this morning. What a feeling! Cold, freshly groomed, hard snow, good speed. Good times!

We had  12 runs in Freeway I think, before the lift-lines were killing us. Also, it was time for us to take the 1.00 PM bus. X-games ski slopestyle aired at 2.30 on ESPN. So stoked to watch it, Bobby Brown killed it AGAIN, after yesterdays insane skiing he continued surprising with his perfection. Håtveit took 2nd, and I am soo stoked for him!

Backe on the other hand, has magic fingers.. or something?

I got to throw down a few switch 10’s I was stoked on today, I just have to push it through, to trick my mind to believe it’s easy. After some time I hope this will make big tricks easier to do anytime.

Waiting for the bus, every day all day.. Or so it feels like.

Breckenridge resort.

Paul, the hotel-manager made us eggs for lunch again, WOW. Sooo good, thanks!

After watching the slopestyle, Me and Anders went to Breckenridge Rec-center to lift some iron. Gotta stay in shape, even though the ski-season is on. After this weeks two hard crashes, I am more than happy to work out to be better prepared for crashes. It seems to work.

Rec-center was good, and we went out for a beer and burger on a local bar in Frisco, while watching the Snowboard big-air in X-games. This day was a blast, but I am pretty tired. Gotta jump in the sack and get ready for shred. See ya all, S.


Well, after the last 20 minutes I have something to tell my kids when I become old.  Freeskiers Tj Schiller, Elias Ambuhl, Jossi Wells and Bobby Brown just made history!

Bobby Brown did a total 100 points out of 100 possible in X-Games bigair. Sw double misty 1260 mute and a sw double misty 1440.  Jossi did a sw double cork 1440 mute. Elias did a sw doublecork 1440 mute, and TJ… WOW. Not since US open Bigair 4 years ago have I seen something so perverse… Doublecork 1620 mute…   I am not sure if skiing can get any more sick!! Positive or Negative.

Quick recovery

I must admit, yesterday afternoon was not a good day for me, I was absolutely sure I couldn’t ski for some days. But hey! What do you know! Woke up this morning, a bit stiff in the lower back and bottom area, but after watching ski-edits all yesterday I was more hungry for slaying park than ever.

After Backe’s morning-ritual (07.00 AM wake-up call, coffee, e-mails and breakfast) I joined in for the 8.44-bus to Breckenridge.  Backe and Marius looking fresh! Yeah-right!

Nobody in the park this early, sooo good. A bit chilly and freshly groomed, packed snow. Just the way I like it!

First drop-in of the day. Will my body take it without any pains? YES-indeed! I felt allmost no pain at all, just stiff and generally beaten-up! SHRED is on!

Backe just come back from a 3-days recovery after crashing on a downrail. He is usually kind-of stoked in general when it comes to skiing. Well, today he was more than stoked. That made two of us. It didn’t bother me at all that people were throwing doubles in Freeway all day (Big Line) while I was skiing the public park. I rather do what fits me the most, do my own kind of thing. If skiing aint fun for me, what is the point of skiing then?

So stoked ! Skiing in my new pants with just a hodie, and get your tan in the chair line! That’s LEFT!

I really wanna go to woodward today, but I think I will do it tomorrow instead. Watching X-Games slopestyle finals. Bobby and Andreas slaaayed the semi’s, so fun watching!!

Me and Backe was filming a bunch today, render some clips later on maybe?

Today’s good-feeling

I totally forgot this one. As I said I crashed pretty hard today, but I also had one thing I was pretty saticfied with. There are some times you feel like you don’t know any tricks in the book, but then all of a sudden you remember a trick you know well, do it, and it feels great! Well, this last trick in this small taste of what today brought, made my day. It’s not a switch double misty 1260 or a Tornado, but it feels awesome in the air!

Crash-test dummie

Perfect day in Breckenridge today, I was planning on doing some tricks I haven’t done in some time, but that I know how to do good.   But Marius wanted it elsewhere, and dropping in Freeway with a double 1080 mute second run.  WOW. I didn’t plan on trying the double 10 today, as I took a pretty bad crash two days ago in Keystone.

Well, I did some 7’s, and tried it on the third and last jump on freeway.  Went way to much cork/sideways on the first part of the trick, dipped the last cork WAY to late, and saw the landing coming way fast. Landed straight on my back again!

Spitted blood all day and had trouble with breathing. Caughing a lot, things were not good. It was allright after 5 minutes, and I did some runs filming with Marius, got a few shots. But this afternoon my back, bottom and side of the stomach started hurting a lot. Going to the doctor tomorrow to check it out, hopefully nothing serious. I have figured out that this sport is dangerous, and it has it’s risks. But I will just have to make sure to make the crashes as light as possible. Backprotector, but-saver and Helmet is a must!!

Had a lovely dinner at Mizuppas today, the lady behind the counter knew before we walked in that door, what we were going to have.. Speaking of daily guests!