Operation TacoBell

So this is the place we are staying at for the next month; Snowshoe Motel, Frisco. Bus-stop just outside – > Instant shred!

Had to get something to eat after skiing all day. We figured TacoBell was the place to go today. They actually have a lot of shops around the US. 21 443 atleast!

Empty? Hans-Jakob ordered a shitload of food, and me on the other hand fucked it all up, again. The ads with the burritos on it looks sooo big, but in real life they are small-peoples-food. Haha. I had to order twice, splendid!

But,  my stomach got stuffed and everyone was happy ever after? I guess we will never know…

Something heavinly about it isn’t it?

Well, since we were on a food killing-spree tonight, I could might as well have some more.

Tomorrow I guess we will be taking the day off, and yes it will suck. Jacob, Elvis and a lot of other guys are leaving for DewTour stop 2 tomorrow. It’s going to be interesting to see what the course is like, and who will win? My vote goes to either Bobby, Jacob, Elias or Andreas. They are all killing it these days, doing doubles like cake.


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