A little guts is all it takes

Today we went to Breck, since the weather-forecast was half-bad, and new snow in Keystone means pretty much NO speed for the jumps, as the park-lane is pretty flat there.

I have been working on my back-to-back cork 720’s and back-to-back sw 720’s. But today I wanted to take mye tricks to the Freeway park in Breckenridge (The big park-lane). I have to be honest, at first I was scared of the Freeway-jumps, but I feel like I got a pretty good hold of it today. Still a little sketchy on the cab-spins on the first jump though. Last runthrough in the park today, I gathered all my energy and guts, and went for the foreward 1080 again. After failing pretty hard in Finland, it was a incredible feeling to try it out again, only to see that I didn’t land on my back. Kim Boberg made an edit, showcasing what went down in the park today. Enjoy! Photocreds to Audun Linnerud!


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