Salomon Jib Academy – re-cap.

This week has been all over southern parts of Norway. Jib Academy tour was back on track, and I was back on the road.

First off was Drammen ski-resort, just outside Oslo. Typical Norwegian terrain-park. Nothing special, really.

Elling (Salomon-manager) was back on skis, and like a kid on christmas.

A lot of kids showed up on all stops, and it is cool to see so many stoked kids around!

Beitostølen ski-resort: One of the coolest rail-parks in Norway. Jump line is small, but good. They had some issues about the landings though, and the weather was REALLY windy on the final day. I had tons of fun shredding the rails together with Jib Academy winner Øystein Braathen.

Last jump. Kind-of fun!



I judged this downrail in the rail-jam-part of the final. A lot of cool tricks were seen; 50-50 slide, sw tailsfirst 270 in – 270 out, 270 pretzel 270… and so on….

…and then back home to Lillehammer and Hafjell.  The park in Hafjell was NOT to good at the moment though. I had no energy to do anything cool, and that sucks when the weather is THIS good!

Hafjell park. Warm and sunny!


Home sweet home again

I came back home from a week long trip this evening. Too tired to blog any serious shit, but I will make you a small re-cap of what I have been doing lately tomorrow. Hopefully it will stop snowing, so that I can go skiing in Hafjell. This week has been way to much travelling, and allmost no skiing, just watching.

See you in the morning!

Salomon Jib Academy Drammen / Hemsedal

Yesterday I was out of internet and didn’t get to do anything. But it was a long and stressfulday anyways so I didn’t get to geek any!

Here is the video from JibAcademy in Drammen; Edited by Fredrik Hellevik Jensen. Enjoy!

Right now we are at Beitostølen skiresort for the last jib academy stop. Pretty tired, but going to check out the park later tonight.  Just got the word that Storlien is holding a bigair competition on March 27th with a pretty large price-purse too. The plan, which I will know when it’s confirmed, is to have a cheap package for accomodation, food, lift-tickets and VIP tickets for the nightclub. We will see! I let you know!


After a day and a night in Oppdal for the first stop of Jib Academy, me and Fredrik drove back to Lillehammer for a quick pitstop. Fredrik is making videos for Salomon this week, and had some small difficulties with his computer last night. I think he was up to 3.00 AM to fix everything. The edit will be out tonight I think.

Last season I basically was living in my bag all winter! This year haven’t been as bad by far!  Good thing. This week will be a lot of packing and un-packing though.

Salomon made some sick-ass shirts for the Jib Academy, I fell in love at once!  I feel way more comfortable with a large tee underneath the ski-jacket.. I don’t know why, but it just feels so much better!

Nice to be home, even for a day, I like it a lot. Today was even better than usual, as Ida had the day off for once, and it just felt like a Saturday morning. Best feeling ever!

I think i’m going to wake up Fredrik and tell him to start edit some footage from yesterday. Please help me vote for me to JOSS 2010. My video is up at

Thanks, Steffen.

Jib Academy – Oppdal

Just arrived Oppdal with the Salomon-team. Christopher Frankum, Niklas Karlson, myself and the team managers. I also brought my friend from back home, Fredrik as a filmer. Should be a pretty fun week!

Tomorrow is the first stop here in Oppdal, and I really look foreward to finally shred some park, after beeing sick for the last week.  Not 100 % yet, but I hope it will get better!