Stuck in Detroit

04.50 am wake-up call at Holiday-Inn, Denver. The day started off pretty bad with me finding out the they had put melted cheese in the omelette… What is the deal with Americans and cheese in EVERYTHING they make?  Very well…

When I came to the check-in counter at Delta Airlines in Denver they wanted to charge me a 150 $ for my baggage- overweight.. I was shocked, that is a lot of money for a ticket that probably costs the same as the overweight.  I didn’t feel like arguing with the woman, and let it go. After struggeling through the security-check and taking a small train (picture) to get to the gate, I sat down in quiet with my computer. 1 hour before my flight took off.   “May Steffen Hamre contact Delta information, please!?”Crap!! I felt it when  I got to Denver Airport, that this was just not my day…

The lady in the check-inn forgot to give me my credit-card back, after charging me the overweight. That’s why I am all alone on the picture above. I had to take the train back, get my credit card, and through the security again!

I took out my ski-boots to cut off another 60 $ on the overweight fee, didn’t help me for keeping my temper calm though.

Finally! The aircraft that took me to Detroit. Just a two and a half hour flight.

On my way to the gate at Detroit. Funky lights through this tunnel, really funky.

I finally arrived the gate, sat down with my computer… and what did I get?   Yep, 4 hour delay on my flight. Just what I needed!!

So now I am all stuck in Detroit, partly broke after the un-expected money-usage… Feels more and more like this trip is not worth it.. at all…

See you in Mt.Snow!


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