1st at Gatorade Freeflow tour, dew tour next year

Pretty much woke up to storm this morning, but bluebird. Weird. We started slopestyle practice at 8.00 am which is way to early by my opinion.   They decided to cut down the course to the lower part, because of the saftey of the riders, sooo scary with the wind.   The course was a choice of a downbox or downrail, to two kickers in a row, pretty huge but flat, 20 metres to the knuckle I guess. And in the end they put in this stupid Gatorade bonk.  I was so nervous about the wind, and I didn’t even do my run before the finals. I kept it pretty simple, but tried to make it look as easy as I could. 270 on the downbox, unatural 540 mute to a sw 10 mute, to a bonk.  So fun! Actually scored a 91 in my first run, and I won the whole thing. I am so stoked, cannot even put it into words.

Next year I get to do the Dew-Tour stops, and that pretty much is the highlight of my years of skiing till now.

I have to get something to eat, before  I and my roomate, Billy Mann are going to go through season 5 of The office!! YES.  I have a shuttle at 2.30 am tomorrow morning, and a flight at 6.. It’s going to be over 30 hours of traveling with this route: Albany,NY – Detroit – Denver  6 hours of waiting in Denver. Denver – Frankfurt – Oslo – Lillhehammer!

See you in Norway, results and stuff will be out at http://www.allisports.com/tours/winter-gatorade-free-flow-tour

Freeski Slopestyle Finals

1. Steffen Hamre
2. Austin Torvinen
3. Jason Arens
4. Parker White
5. Will Hibbs
6. Jack Strain
7. Scott Donahue
8. Peter Engen
9. Tanner Coulter
10. Robert Franco
11. Ryan Wyble
12. Yvan Metrailler


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