Salomon Jib Academy – re-cap.

This week has been all over southern parts of Norway. Jib Academy tour was back on track, and I was back on the road.

First off was Drammen ski-resort, just outside Oslo. Typical Norwegian terrain-park. Nothing special, really.

Elling (Salomon-manager) was back on skis, and like a kid on christmas.

A lot of kids showed up on all stops, and it is cool to see so many stoked kids around!

Beitostølen ski-resort: One of the coolest rail-parks in Norway. Jump line is small, but good. They had some issues about the landings though, and the weather was REALLY windy on the final day. I had tons of fun shredding the rails together with Jib Academy winner Øystein Braathen.

Last jump. Kind-of fun!



I judged this downrail in the rail-jam-part of the final. A lot of cool tricks were seen; 50-50 slide, sw tailsfirst 270 in – 270 out, 270 pretzel 270… and so on….

…and then back home to Lillehammer and Hafjell.  The park in Hafjell was NOT to good at the moment though. I had no energy to do anything cool, and that sucks when the weather is THIS good!

Hafjell park. Warm and sunny!


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