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Le Ski

Since last time I posted something in here, I have been hanging out with my friends here at Storlien, and last night I went down for the night to pick up Ida, fresh from the train.

Right now we are at Le Ski at Storlien, pimping it out in a nice hotel-room / condo just above the BOMBA office. So good to just chillout for the week. Downstairs are a restaurant, nightclub and a store. Pretty cool.

Living room. Nice with a flatscreen and wireless. Just have to walk 200 metres to the ski-slopes too.

Off to dinner, see you soon!

Storlien day 1

Well, a pretty cool day actually. Started off early with a 30 minute skate-session on cross-country skis. Long time no see!

I have to admit I was pretty exchausted after the skitrip up to the mountain.

Good thing the sun was shining in the park, and me and Yngve took the shuffles to shape the railpark good. I think it got pretty good, as we was skiing it for the whole day!  Even tried a misty off the first rail to the left. I can say as much as it didn’t work out the way I had planned.

No doubt about it, this IS the home of Bomba energy in Sweden and Norway.

Pretty good to chillout at LeSki while having a late lunch.

Finished the day off with at table-tennis game with Yngve.  I lost 0 – 3 in sets, so I figured out I was better off doing pullups.

Time to eat some good dinner here at the hotel. Pretty tired after last night. Not used to be out untill 3 O’clock lately, haha. Am I getting old, allready?


After the 5-6 hour drive home from Lillehammer, I stoped by a few hours at home. Instead of unpacking all my stuff, then leave the day after (today), I decided to drive straight to Storlien. Checked in on the hotel, and got my room. I think I was there for half-an-hour before I left to the local bar and nightclub with a friend of mine. The hotel is super-haunted, and I have heard that a thousand times, but never thought it could be for real… Well, now I know for sure, its haunted! I was alone in my floor, as there was just a few guests at the hotel, but I heard footsteps both in the hallway, and outside my window. I really can’t explain it..

Sally on duty at Hörnet nightclub, really good DJ to be at this local place. Small but cozy I guess. This weekend is going to be way more crowded than last night I guess.

Right now I am sitting in the lobby at the hotel, thinking of weather or not I should go crosscountry-skiing before lunch? Then off to shred the railpark maybe?


Or if you can consider it a holiday when all I do is ski all winter. I think you can, cause it’s not as glamrous skiing as you think. Good to have some time off from competitions and hard skiing. Some times it is just good to relax for a week with friends, good food, mini-shred and some partying. To come up to Storlien in easter-time is just awesome. I can totally relax from everything, and I don’t have to think about me starting working in May again.

Storlien is my home-mountain, and also the  BOMBA energy headquarters. A lot of cool people up there, and it should be good times. Also Ida might be joining me on Sunday to stay for a few nights at the Hotel up there.

Here is a small video from last years easter-shred. GoPro cam. I thought I had posted it allready, but as it turns out that is not the case.