Yes. Finally. I have had this idea a few years now, but never had the time or sponsors who was willing to do it. This year BOMBA wanted to do a comp, and we went for it. On March 27. BOMBA Big Air will be held at Storlien skiresort in Sweden. Just an hour away from Trondheim, and 50 minutes with train from the airport of Trondheim.


The setup is easy. Bigair jump with slightly step-down, 20 meter table, and an open competition with 30 spots available for qualifiers. For the finals, 8 riders will precede to a head-to-head format, were the superfinal will be 3 jumps, 2 best counts. 1 style trick + 1 technical.   Everyone who wants to be in the comp, can send an e-mail to  with name, age, residence, sponsors, results and a video if you have.   If we find you suitable for this jump and competition, you will recieve an confirmation e-mail in good time, before the competition.


If you recieve the confirmation e-mail, you will get the following package the competition weekend:

Free food, free drinks, no start-fee, free lift-ticket, free vip ticket to afterparty and if you like accomodation, you can order that for only 300 kr per night. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.


1st   – 10 000 SEK

2nd  – 3500 SEK

3rd   – 3500 SEK

This weekend is all about having fun. So get your stuff together, and come join us at Storlien 26-28th of March.  There is a lot of people up there in easter time, and it will be a super show with a fun afterski and party afterwards.


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