Up and at it early today, which feels great. Yesterday we got a few laps in the Hafjell park, but the wind was too hard to do any jumping, and the railpark is not THAT entertaining really. So we jumped into the car and drove to Lillehammer to hit the railpark. We also got to scope a few stores for pipes. I really wan’t to build a good summerrail!

The railpark was epic as allways, the snow is melting quick though. I think I managed to put together 6 different railtricks on the 10m downrail in just  45 minutes, which is just awesome. I rarely walk from there with more than 3 tricks in my pocket, and I often stay for 3 hours. Haha. Sounds booring? It is far from booring.

Congrats to Sig Tveit who won the video-qualifiers for TEAM Norway JOSS. I cannot put into words how much I wanted to be in JOSS, but sometime you are just not good enough.  I wanna ski so bad right now, gives me motivation to ski 50 % more everyday!

See you after skiing.. Peace..

OH, check out this one too! Soooo good.


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