After the 5-6 hour drive home from Lillehammer, I stoped by a few hours at home. Instead of unpacking all my stuff, then leave the day after (today), I decided to drive straight to Storlien. Checked in on the hotel, and got my room. I think I was there for half-an-hour before I left to the local bar and nightclub with a friend of mine. The hotel is super-haunted, and I have heard that a thousand times, but never thought it could be for real… Well, now I know for sure, its haunted! I was alone in my floor, as there was just a few guests at the hotel, but I heard footsteps both in the hallway, and outside my window. I really can’t explain it..

Sally on duty at Hörnet nightclub, really good DJ to be at this local place. Small but cozy I guess. This weekend is going to be way more crowded than last night I guess.

Right now I am sitting in the lobby at the hotel, thinking of weather or not I should go crosscountry-skiing before lunch? Then off to shred the railpark maybe?


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