Storlien day 1

Well, a pretty cool day actually. Started off early with a 30 minute skate-session on cross-country skis. Long time no see!

I have to admit I was pretty exchausted after the skitrip up to the mountain.

Good thing the sun was shining in the park, and me and Yngve took the shuffles to shape the railpark good. I think it got pretty good, as we was skiing it for the whole day!  Even tried a misty off the first rail to the left. I can say as much as it didn’t work out the way I had planned.

No doubt about it, this IS the home of Bomba energy in Sweden and Norway.

Pretty good to chillout at LeSki while having a late lunch.

Finished the day off with at table-tennis game with Yngve.  I lost 0 – 3 in sets, so I figured out I was better off doing pullups.

Time to eat some good dinner here at the hotel. Pretty tired after last night. Not used to be out untill 3 O’clock lately, haha. Am I getting old, allready?


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