Blogging again.

Wow! A whole week without writing a single word. Not a big deal you say? Agree. BUT:  This winter I have been putting my thoughts, pictures and videos to the blog every single day, several times a day (sometimes). That’s why a week without blogging might sound like a long time.

To be honest, I got a little tired of blogging about skiing, same routine every day for a while. I needed a blog brake. Since last week I have started working out in the gym a lot, and I have also started working at the hardware-store here in Lillehammer again. It is not exactly the most fun events to blog about, and I want you to tell me what to write about in the summer-time. What do you wanna know from my booring half of the year? Probably nothing right?

Anyhow, I have started riding my pitbike again, and it is so much fun. Really relaxing actually! Brap brrrrraaap!

Right now it is just work and gym that is on my mind, and to write about that every day, might be booring to some, but that is just how my reality is right now. I will never stop writing about the real life. This is not a made-up blog with a made-up lifestyle, covered in glamour. It is basically hard work and fun!

From Monday, I will be working pretty much every day untill the fall, even a lot of saturdays. I will be most of my spare-time lifting weights at the gym, and getting ready for the next season skiing.  If that is not enough, I have also got a second job as a DJ at a nightclub in Lillehammer, every other Saturday.  Mostly because it’s fun, and I have allways wanted to do it. That, like so many other things, is not exactly covered in glam… Just hard work!

My trampoline will be put somewhere good in the next few weeks. I put it up last week, but figured out that I was missing 30 springs, which sucked. In a few weeks the tramp will be placed, and I will be rocking thoose tricks. Come join us!

This post got a little booring with a lot of text, but I hope you see that to afford skiing for a season, I need money. To get money, I have to work, HARD.  In between these hard times, I will try to have some fun, and I will show you whenever I have a good time!


6 thoughts on “Blogging again.

  1. Ser du bruker Virtual Dj, greit nok program det!
    Men åssen annet utstyr bruker du om jeg kan spørre?
    Ska du spille på Marcello lørdag? 😀

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