A little taste of summer

WOW! First of all, let me just say that I don’t know how to handle a blog at spring/summer-time. It is nearly impossible to put my thoughts and pictures to this blog. I rarely get time to snap photos, and I don’t have anything fun to tell.

It has been strictly work and yeah, just work. I have had my fair share of laps to the gym to work out some, but that is basically it!  Today was my last day with work this week, and it was pretty awesome with the warm weather and the sun.

You don’t have to ask me twice to get out in the sun, as I spend most of my days inside a building at work or the gym!

I also managed to finish off the trampoline-project. It was quite a task to move it 400 km and find a spot for it outside my house here in Lillehammer. But, with a digger and a little luck I was able to pull it off!

Looks great!! Only thing missing is my skills. I had this dream the other night, that skiing was as easy as a Tv-game. To be honest, skiing is 10 times easier than this trampoline. People have been measured floating 8 meters above the ground with this little fellah! Imagine me with no controll what so over, 2 meters above the ground!?  You might laugh, but I don’t!! It is scary!!

Got to go. The dinner don’t cook itselves, and I have 4 hours with dj-work to go before I can say goodnight too!

See you in the morning! I will try to blog more often in the near future.


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