Railsession tomorrow

Tomorrow after work (7) it´s time to test a couple of runs at my new summer setup. I´m having a few friends over to throw some water and soap on it, and slide some pvc!

Check back tomorrow night for a quick recap!



Good morning

Or, judging by the picture it might look like it´s not a good morning. It is, I guess! Do you have as cool coffe-cup as me? It´s probably my favourite one! So many memories.

As of the blog stats from yesterday I realize what I actually do all winter. BUT, it stretches far longer than the winter. Skiing isn´t something I just do, skiing is who I am. No matter what I try to do besides from skiing, it will allways be secondary.  Yesterday nearly a 1000 people checked in to see how I buildt my summer setup. I didn´t even ski !!

For me that is incredible. If that many people follows me while I do things a 13 year old kid would do, then it´s time to stand up and be proud instead!

From now on I will try to do more ski-related things. Hitting the summer-setup, make edits, do a few bounces on the trampoline etc…

I never cared to much for skiing in the summertime, cause I have to work while other people can go skiing. I guess I just try to block everything out while I am working. But, I have come to realize when watching edits from last winter, that I have been living in a bubble all winter. It´s crazy to see myself from last winter, and see how much fun I had, and how much I have evolved during the winter. No wonder it is so much fun! More skiing from now on!

Finishing the summer set-up

Today I skipped going to Juvvass, and instead I spent my last day of vacation to finish off my summer set-up I started to build last summer. One inrun turned into two, and Didrik lent me his 5 m long pvc pipe for rail.

Simple sulution to lock the pipe, and prevent it from sliding away while using it.

Not exactly a masterpeace of a carpenters work we are doing here, but it does the job.

Two inruns, the new one a little shorter. After last summer I found out I didn´t need much speed.

Not exactly the JOI jumps, but it should be something fun to do throughout the summer. If you have tried any setups similar to this before, you would know that it is quite easy to get technical after a while. And SO much fun!

I guess I can say this turned out okay. Now I have got a trampoline AND a summer set-up that´s working fine. If I am not getting good at rails now, I never will!

After we finished off the build, we jumped into the lake for a bath. WOW. So refreshing! A little colder that Greece, but it felt better! Not the last time this season!

Summer setup

Today is my last day of vacation, and I am spending it on fixing my summer-rail setup. The plan is to make two separate inruns with balcony grass (fake), and kickers. Then in between these two I will throw in a 5 meter long pvc pipe. Snow is beeing made as we speak, and all I have to do is go get it.

I will keep you posted as I get her done!