…is a good day, since mondays are the worst. Came home at 01.30 last night, had to pick up my beloved girlfriend from work.  Cannot lie; I was pretty exchausted after yesterday.

After working 9 hours straight, I changed clothes before I drove 120 km to pick up a special package, well nothing much to say other than it was a long 120 km back. Home at 10  in the evening, and trying to figure out this mysterious package.

No wonder I was that stoked to drive three hours after work! I’ve bought two cdj-100s cd-players and a Behringer CDX700 mixer! I think my dj-setup is pretty complete. Allthough, I am not planning to play cds only, that is harder than anyone thinks! For thoose of you with no technical interests what so over, I suggest you skip this next line.

Timecode cds are the thing for me, but I spent 4 hours last night trying to figure out how to set it up correctly, with no luck. HELP!

Also I’m starting to enjoy the Norwegian weather. It slings from cold one day, to pretty warm summer-temperatures the other day! But, this week is forecasted good! Too bad I have to work late all week.

Gotta rush to work. Have a great day wherever you are. To thoose of you who is skiing, do a cork 9 tail for me!


One thought on “Tuesday

  1. fet dj bord!
    sykt digg med sooool nå ass. ta deg en session på trampen og lag en liten edit i sommer været! det er digg 😀

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