Right now I need YOUR help. Hafjell Resort (my home skiresort) hosted a video-comp last winter. The finals is about to be ended, and I forgot that I was in it. The odds is pretty much against me to win this. but if you have 2 seconds extra, vote for me! Thanks.

I realized today that keeping this blog up to date when my days only include me eating, sleeping and working, is pretty hard.  that´s why I will take three days off and do a solo-roadtrip to our summerplace at the west coast of Norway. Small place called Selje.  It´s actually just 10 km from the famous surfing-place “Hoddevik”. All though, I have never tried surfing before… It´s a shame really.

This is what it looks like. Small place, wonderful nature.

Our place, not far from the golfcourse I spent most of my summers when I was 12-15.

Time to go, last day of work before my mini-vacation!


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