Is not exactly Mondays when it comes to beeing shitfaced sleepy. That doesn´t mean I am not sleepy!

Alarm set to 0730 for breakfast, before I am off to the gym. Why that early? Well, at 10.30 I have to go to a place where they sell tools, nails, iron-wares, paint and flooring. What is that? It is something strange, especially for the standard skier; It´s called work! 🙂

This is my dynamite! Helps me get through the day!

I have been speaking with a few new interesting brands for the upcomming season in the last couple of days.. Oh wait, what is this? Some kind of clique? No, it is not me arguing wether or not I will recieve 2 or 3 million $ from a few brands. It is more likely to be me begging for someone to help out in the way they can, so that I can ski one more year!

Salomon-contract is signed allready, and I am really looking foreward to co-operate with them again. So much cool gear coming!

Gotta run, see ya.


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