Just got an e-mail from the owner of

He has just launched his website, and it contains interviews, videos, pictures, events, and basically the newest shit from the ski and snowboard world! Check it out!


I forgot how fun skiing is. I allways do during the summer and fall. Way to much work and lack of energy.  But now it´s time to lock and load, with pretzels and switchups. I spent two sessions at Lillehammer railpark allready, and its FUN! Winter is coming, better be prepared.

I will post some photos and maybe make an edit later on when I find my camera.

Please vote for me in King of Style video-contest.

Tramp at night

First of all. Photocreds to Håkon Jørgensen (c)

Last night I picked up Håkon to take some photos of me bouncing around at my tramp-backyard.

It´s not exactly THAT exciting to watch photos of trampoline, cause everything looks just the same.  All in all I think the shots looked cool!

Japan leg kick. Fun trick to do at high flatspins.

Cork something. Really cool lights and background. With the lake and everything. The fall in Norway can be both depressing and wonderful!

This is actually me, failing a flatspin. I got flashed in my face while beeing upside-down, causing me to loose controll. COMPLETELY! Shot turned out great though!

Vote and Win!

Help me help you?

For several years I have been trying to get invited to one of the biggest bigair-skiing events of the year, the King Of Style in Stockholm.  Only the best riders in the world will be there, and some other lucky bastards! This year, as all others, they are hosting a video-competition on youtube, were you can vote for the top 20 best skiing entry-videos, and the judges will pick top 4 videos, and invite the skiers to Stockholm, to compete!

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All you have to do is to become a member , and invite your friends to my King Of Style facebook group, and vote for my video on youtube.

The voting stops in the end of October!

The toughest two hours of my life!

Yes everyone claims that every now and then. But I truly mean what I say!  Last couple of weeks I have been running a lot, and I didn´t really want to tell you what I was training for. Not untill now! I wanted to see if I could finish this race before claiming it on the blog.

In Lillehammer there are three main events each year called Birken. It consist of one crosscountry ski-race of 54 km, one cycle-race of 90 km, and last but not least the race where you run in heavy terrain for 22 km. Half-marathon for thoose who don´t know.

And guess what? I finished the damn thing!

It´s not me trying to be Jon Olsson, and swap sports all of a sudden. It´s rather me, trying to push my own limits in different ways. This run was wet, slippery, steep upwards, downhill, far and brutal. Last 3 km I had constant cramps in my legs, and had to kick out the right leg for every step I took. Why? Pushing the limits I say!

For the last 11 km I ran in pretty much choma, and I had no idea of where I was heading, or how I was going to make it. Most important is that I made it.

I finished in 1 hour 49 minutes, which makes 4,2 minutes on each km. I think that is pretty good, thinking of how bad the course was. Rocks, mud, roots, slippery grass and rain for some kilometers.

How do you push YOUR limits?

Reaching the top

Friday was my workday at the nightclub, and playing music for an empty floor doesn´t really make me happy, but it pays my bills… We will see how long I will spend my time doing that though. I would have appreciated atleast 50 people in a nightclub on a friday night. To bad I had atleast two or three mixes that I was REALLY happy with. No-one would believe me anyways, since there were NO -ONE there to listen.

Best part of working Friday night is that I get both Saturday and Sunday off from work. Spent my day with Ida, on a quick run up to a mountain. The highest peak in Lillehammer 1089 metres above sea-level. Went pretty goodt, and I think we ran for 50 minutes. Aprox. 3 km straight up, and 3 km straight down.

If you look closely, you can see the top far behind the trees.