King of Style – Standings so far

Just realized that I am not completely sucking this year in the king of style event. So greatful to see so many of you have pressed “like” on my video.

Heres the standings so far (monday)


Keep on hitting the “like” button for your favourite video in the Peak Performance King Of Style 2010! This is top 20 right now:


Remember, even though if I get top 4 after the votings are done, it doesn´t mean I´ll automaticly go on to Stockholm. Top 20 after the voting are done, will be judged by a few pro skiers, and thoose top 4 choosen, will go on. so keep voting and watch my video. I truly appreciate it!

LJ Strenio 333
Ben Moxham 220
Dale Talkington 186
Steffen Hamre 177
Will Hibbs 136
Lasse Nyhaugen 135
Will Berman 114
Clayton Vila 111
Sean Jordan 100
Markus Eder 78
Dylan Ferguson 77
John Kutcher 76
Benjamin Forthun 58
Joss Christensen 56
Nicky Keefer 54
Linus Tornberg 53
Seb Chartrand 49
Kai Mahler 47
Antti Ollila 46
Kristoffer Edwall 42
MaGz 42

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