Swedish for a day

Drove to Storlien at lunch-time today. Just a quick visit at Bomba hq and a quick chat with the park-manager at Storlien resort.

Pretty sick view of the lake in Hommelvik. -20 C  over the ocean that´s not freezing to ice.


On my way to Storlien. Epic weather!

Good news for all you guys skiing in the middle-parts of Norway. Storlien has been making a good amount of snow, and planning to make two jumps in a row to the left in the wide hill in the middle of the picture.


Allways cool to hang out with the Bomba guys every once in a while, to discuss the ideas that I come up with, and to hear their strategies.  Got a small shipment of energy-drink to bring back to Lillehammer as well!

Gotta jump back in the car and visit two of my best friends. Don´t get to see them too much during a year.



Driving home

After yesterdays dissaster of a ski-competition for me, I woke up in good time to shred a few hours with Øystein Braathen this morning. I wasn´t feeling it, and called it off pretty early, but still fun as long as we were out there.

Trysil happens to be 2 hours away from Lillehammer where I currently live, but it is also just 5 hours away from my parents house and my birth-place; Hommelvik. I had enough of Trysil this week, and decided to pay them a visit before shredding park 24/7 for the next couple of months. It´s mostly straight-foreward roads in remote areas, but quite a nice scenery along the way!

Bomba-VW. Not to bad on snowy roads actually. It´s only two-wheel drive.

Getting gnarly cold outside these days, good thing I didn´t have to leave the car!

Tomorrow I think I will drive cross-boarders again, to visits my homes @ the Bomba Headquarters in Sweden! I kind of wanna get the Bomba Bigair to be succesful and actually happening this year, and I shall look at the location where it´s supposed to be. Crossing my fingers for the snow-making-progress to go fast so we can build a jump!

Nothing nearby the plan

This night didn´t end like it should have. But I am not dissapointed. It´s just november! The season haven´t even started, and still I get to compete against the best skiers in the world, in Norway! So happy that I had the chance to come over here.

The results aftet tonights qualifiers went a little something like this:

1. Bobby Brown
2. Klaus Finne
3. Bene Mayr
4. PC Fosse
5. TJ Schiller
6. Aleks Aurdal
7. Anders Backe
8. Espen Bergh
9. Gaute Silseth
10. Jesper Tjäder
11. Elias Ambühl
12. Markus Eder
13. Frido Fredricsson
14. Andreas Håtveit
15. JF Houle
16. Kristian Vereide
17. Oscar Harlaut
18. Ole Mustad
19. Marius Kjølseth
20. Luka Melloni
21. PK Hunder
22. Phil Casabon
23. Lasse Nyhaugen
24. Pako Benguerel
25. Steffen R Hamre
26. Kim Boberg
27. Oscar Scherlin
28. Sig Tveit
29. Javi Vega
30. Henrik Harlaut


I had a lot of problems figuring out the speed for the jump, and the wind scared be somehow. Jump nr 1: Supposed to be switch 10 mute – Ended up beeing switch 540 to major stretch-out. Jump nr 2: Also supposed to be switch 1080, ended up beeing a sw 7 withouth a grab, to revert.  Jump nr 3: Supposed to be cork 9 tail, but didn´t feel it and stepped down a notch with cork 7 tail.

I like beeing allmost in last place sometimes, makes me wanna ski every day for 6 hours. And that´s what skiing is all about, the feeling of wanting to ski so bad, and have fun all day!


Have a great weekend, and big ups to everyone who killed it tonight!!


Night-session @ Rumble

Last night the skiers and snowboarders teamed up on the rumble jump to experience yet another session. I struggled (as many others), with getting the speed right so I could do any fun tricks. Got a few sw 9´s and a bunch of sw 5s. That´s it basically, but I don´t wanna rush it either, the season is still young.

Found this picture of me on http://www.friflyt.no  Photo: Vegard Breie.

The trick is a switch cork 540 with a high safety.

Just a perfect day!

Had a good late breakfast with a lot of coffee this morning, I think that did the job!

Today was the day were we would hit the big kicker in daylight, and I mean why not. Look at the perfect weather! Kicker looking good and a bit scary for a guy who haven´t been skiing too much lately.

I figured out the speed and did a couple of airs, 360s and a few switch 540s. The scary part is to figure out the right speed, and hit it switch with the inrun beeing a ice-rink.

I turned out pretty good, and I got a little jumping done.

They closed the jump pretty early, but I stayed out skiing with my man Øystein Braathen to the left in picture. So fun to ski with people that are 110% focused on having fun while skiing! Markus Elvebakken to the right has broken his arm, and therefore had to be degraded to cameraman today. Thank You sir!

Mikkel on NTG Lillehammer, beeing the man he is, did back-to-back 720s on the medium line while me and Øystein were lapping cork 900 tailgrabs for life. So fun! I have been thinking about that trick since the last time I did it, this spring. It´s hard when I imagine it in my head, but while actually doing it, I find it SUPER fun and not to hard! Didn´t get the grab as I wanted to, but atleast I will sleep well tonight!

Videos of the 900 session will be up soon. And no, it´s not Tom Wallisch, only me having fun for the first time in a long time!


Daily dose of Shred

Woke up at 8, and dragged Gaute Silseth and Espen Bergh (which I am staying with) to breakfast. After a quick episode of Chuck we went out to do a couple of airs in the public park. The full park is not open yet here, but it´s still a lot of fun to do jumps again. I think I have to do that way more in the future!

(By the way. This took forever… OMG. Probabvly 6 minutes. Felt like so).


The park here in Trysil (except the main jump), consist of two medium jumps and a triple rail-setup. Superfun. Thomas Dølplads were out shredding, and seeing him + Jesper Tjäder was quite a fun view! They are both sick skiers!


Two hours left before the nightly session at the Sweet Rumble Jump, a little nervous about the wind and hitting it switch, but it should be allright.


My KOSS Port Pro in White. Living and loving with great music while skiing.