Going cross-borders

Kim Boberg called me last night after this weekends railjam in Lillehammer, and he asked me if I wanted to come to his place in Sweden and hang-out for a few days. I said yes! And best part is, that Tandådalen skiresort, just 40 minutes away have opened a decent jump and railpark. I couldn´t be more stoked! This year I want to get as much jumping done as possible. I feel that last year was my rail-project-year. I learned how to ski on rails, and now I need to jump.

So my bags are packed, skis are in the basement, and the camcorder is charged for a fun two days!

I woke up early this morning to re-do the laundry-room downstairs. So small space, and so lousy usage of the small space that was there. Turned out pretty nice if I must say so. Right now I´m hanging out at my favourite place in my house, the music and -tv room. Getting things done. Mixtapes, edits and chillout – This is the place to be!


If you want to block out any noises and sounds when listening to music – Try these headphones!  The KOSS DJ-100.


See you in Sweden, before the upcoming weekend in Copenhagen!


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