Swedish for a day

Drove to Storlien at lunch-time today. Just a quick visit at Bomba hq and a quick chat with the park-manager at Storlien resort.

Pretty sick view of the lake in Hommelvik. -20 C  over the ocean that´s not freezing to ice.


On my way to Storlien. Epic weather!

Good news for all you guys skiing in the middle-parts of Norway. Storlien has been making a good amount of snow, and planning to make two jumps in a row to the left in the wide hill in the middle of the picture.


Allways cool to hang out with the Bomba guys every once in a while, to discuss the ideas that I come up with, and to hear their strategies.  Got a small shipment of energy-drink to bring back to Lillehammer as well!

Gotta jump back in the car and visit two of my best friends. Don´t get to see them too much during a year.



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