Sweet Trysil


I just felt like giving a big shoutout to Sweet for putting this week together for the riders. Sweet-Camp, Sweet Rumble, super park, good skiers, awesome hotel. All in all a great pre-season (if you could call it that)!

Just got Dexter season 5 on my computer, and tomorrows skiing is sqeduled both on the day and afternoon in the lights. Life is good!

No need to go to the us yet people!


Sweet RRRRRumble session 1

So. That was that. First big jump of the year, and barely been skiing since april. It was kind of a hard ass transition from nothing to this:

… but I got the speed dialed in, and had some fun with it. 360´s, 5´s,  7´s. Nothing like Bobby and thoose guys, throwing dub 10´s like it was trampoline to foampit. Fun to watch everyone throwing down hard tricks, and smooth stylish 5s.

Should be interesting for the competition with so many big names on the startlist. I´m here for shredding and having fun. The season has barely started, so better start off easy.

Skis need bindings

What a shocker. Well they do, and if you don´t have them mounted, you have to do it yourself. Well, I wanted to do it myself, everything needs to be learned.

I learned one thing yesterday. I suck at mounting bindings!

But I made it after a good amount of help.


Gotta pack my bag, Trysil and a big ass jump is waiting for me. Should be fun!


You get the idea, right?

Stokeness comes in the mail

It´s true! Especially when it comes to Salomon! A few times each year they give me the opportunity to test their new gear, and use it while skiing. The best part is, that I get to say what I think about it, and it is usually the next years gear.

Today was one of theese days! Two pairs of Salomon 2011 models arrived, allthough I used the same models last year, it´s still fun to get new and fresh ones!


I am so unbelieveable lucky, who has this opportunity, and more people that are sponsored should be that too. It´s really easy to get care if you recieve free gear all the time, but I just think about my first pair of twintip-skis, that I got for christmas nearly 7 years ago. They were two year old Salomon Vincent Dorion pro-model, and they were used as demo-skis several times. They were half price, and barely twintip. I used them for two years and learned my first switch 1080 with them.

A little flashback there, but it´s important to remember where you come from, and be happy for the things you recieve! So thank you Salomon!

From left to right: Salomon Rock-it-before-2012 & Salomon Suspect 2011.

Have a good day, I gotta go mount some skis!

The story continues

When I uploaded the pictures yesterday, it was for the second time that day. The first time was way earlier on the day.  Since I was skiing all day in Hafjell on Saturday, and up all night playing music at a party @Vinstra, I figured it was best to sleep in and stay home. So what happend? Well, I tried uploading the pictures of snow, skiing, rails and fun. What do you THINK happend?

Since this photo is obviously not taken at home, and Nørsteng is on skis you probably guessed right; Hafjell.

I couldn´t stay home another minute. Sleepy or not, I rushed to get my gear together and drove to Hafjell. On skis half-a-hour later! Success!

It was one of the most funny two hours this fall. I think we got 25 laps or something like that. Good times Magz!

Hafjell Day 1

Hafjell opening day was crowded and kind of fun. A LOT of people showed up for free lift-tickets and shred, and you had to stay in lift-que for ever. But fun part, and great job by the park-crew!

Arman in the lift. Upper railpart to the left.



Upper rail-part again. Nice graffiti on the wall too. Backyard Snowpark.

You can get pretty creative on these two, allthough I couldn´t.

One thing is for sure!

The backdrop is epic!

**One More Time**

Last weekend I was in Copenhagen with a couple of friends to witness the best party on the planet. The after-movie is on youtube, and I want you to re-experience what I saw last week. So good!


Tomorrow is going to be a good day too! First a whole day of skiing in Hafjell for the first time this season, then off two hours up the valley to play at some party with Dj Miksto from Oslo. FUN.