It has been dumping like nothing I have seen for a long time here in Hommelvik. 50 cm in two days or so. Just look at my car, that´s the 2nd time I brush the snow off it in two days.

And just so that you don´t forget, it´s the last day of 2010, or, it´s 1 year and 1 day left untill 2012! Let the last day be a good one!

http://www.steffenhamre.com wish you all a happy new year!!


Cold pleasure – but fun!

Yes. I am skiing again, in my home mountain Storlien. Superfun, but a little cold. -24c!  I cannot wait till the new park to open in January!!  Here is an extremely random short video from today!

From US – Christmas @ home

Due to bad weather in Europe, many many people where stuck at different airports. My trip was Denver – Toronto – Copenhagen – Oslo, and I was lucky enough to stay out of trouble this time, and got one night in Lillehammer before driving 6 hours north to Hommelvik,Norway where my parents live.

This is what Denver looks like in December, before Christmas.

20 hours later than wake-up call. Oslo!


And 48 hours later than that. Back home in Hommelvik, Norway. Sweet little hobby-setup for the christmas. Let´s party!

Play that funky music.


Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday, and I am wishing you all a super christmas. Time for friends, family and fun!

http://www.steffenhamre.com might take a brake, but I will be back with updates as soon as I start ski again.



Short video from todays shred. Me and Collins (a guy I am staying with here in Breck) went out and tested the Contour-Hd camera. Turns out skiing park in powder is not perfect, but I had so much fun. Think I lapped the park for 4 hours straight.

You get the idea;

DewTour Prelims!

Today was the day of the days! Semi-finals in DewTour slopestyle. I was on top of the course at 8.00 this morning, ready to shred.  The training went well and I got my run a few times. I was not sure how I liked the course before today, but I can say that it´s awesome! 2 rail-features into two 20 m jumps. Then a rainbow-box or shoot-out-rail to two major jumps.

First run: Missed the first rail-feature with jumping over the whole thing, and putting my run down okay. I missed the grabs and I got smacked in the face by the judges. 60 points out of 100.

Second run: Made it perfect all the way untill the 3rd jump. I misjudged the speed totally and ending up knuckling a left 7 (supposed to be 9), had to re-vert to switch and knuckled the 4th jump to crash. Game over.

I am superstoked that I got to ski this great park before christmas, and I am starting to like slopestyle again, so much fun!!

My run was something like this:

– Gap to lipslide on the down-flat-down rail

–  270 on the downrail

– Right cork 9 tail

– Switch right 9 rev-tail

-Blind 630 off the shoot-out rail

– Left 9 mute

– Switch right 10 mute.

And, eventhough if I had done this run perfectly, I wouldn´t be able to get super-high scores. That´s how high the level of skiing is nowadays. I think its awesome to both compete and watch slopestyle, so fun and challenging to have to do 7 perfect tricks in one run!

(Photo: Shay Williams)

Norwegian mafia before run number 2. From the left; Me, Pk and Elvis.

Big ups to Thomas Dølplads who now is officially back as a sick skier. He pretty much killed the course today!

Pictures of the course:





Elias the Ambuhl hitting the second rail-feature.


LJ Strenio checking out the first rail-feature: The Burlington/ Nike 6.0  rail set-up


Tomorrow is forecasted snow in Breck. I think I will be out early to shred park-lane. Cab, unatty railslides. You know the name of the game; Skiing.

Sunny Breck!

0900 AM chair up to the park, so nice outside.

Last two jumps in park-lane, Breckenridge´s medium park-lane.


Last jump. Really nice two jumps.  Me and Thomas Dølplads where skiing all day today. Like 5 hours or so. I worked on some left 9´s and Dølp did sw dub 10 and right 10s. So underrated as a skier!!


Me in the chair.  Enjoying every minute of this lovely day.


Thomas doing right 9´s to switch 9 mute.

Today was the day for Snowboard slopestyle qualifiers and ski pipe qualifiers. Me and Thomas took this other chair which we found out where just as fast as the park-chair.

Going Mexican in the states! Taco-chicken-bowl for the win!!

This pipe might now look as huge on photos. Well, you should have been there. 22″ walls of ice!


Tomorrow is Slopestyle semi-finals and I am excited!! Wish me luck everyone!

DewTour Qualifiers

Wind-gusts and snow was what the skiers had to go through today. Many Norwegians and Swedish skiers had to go through slopestyle qualifiers today. 60 was supposed to be 9. Thomas Dølpads and Alexander Aurdal moved on from the qualifiers. Congrats!

Me on the other hand experienced a bit of altitude-sickness. If you don´t know what it is, it´s basically hard-headache, dizziness and the feeling of throwing up. Not the best condition for slopestyle practice. I skipped skiing today.

Here are some photos from the qualifiers:


First part of the course. Two rail features, and then two jumps.

Thomas Dølplads getting ready for his first run.


Russ won the qualifiers today, here is getting ready for his first run.


First rail-feature. Actually it´s a true replica of a high-school rail somewhere in the US. It´s been done a number of times in different snowboard-movies. I like that things like this come into slopestyle-courses.


Tonight I visited the Salomon-house for the first time. Such a big mansion with a lot of good skiers in it. I had to get a new pair of skis mounted and stayed for dinner. Skiing tomorrow, can´t wait!!