Why I love my life

Keystone made my day of the days! Even though I didn´t get to ski the big-line (closed due to bad visibility), I had so much fun I didn´t know excisted! When you are a skier and get days like this, you truly realize how fun your life can be.

After my epic fail this morning, and several hours on the computer, I jumped on the 08.04 bus to Keystone together with a whole bunch of Norwegians. Backe, Aurdal, Elvis, Dølplads, Shred´n Breakfast, Klaus finne and PC Fosse!

Kimbo looking mighty fresh in the cloudy/snowy Keystone today.


Where else than America would you find nothing less than 3 jump-lines next to eachother, perfectly shaped?

The lonely wolf in the chair; Klaus Finne


What do you think of Salomon´s 2012 suite? Reflex pants and jacket i 4xl. (Yes I am pretty tall, and it doesn´t look like 4xl)

PC Fosse and I shot a few runs with my new camera today; The Contour HD helmet cam.

Having a lot of fun sometimes has it´s price. My ancle was big as an apple when I got back, stupid minor injury I don´t know how got there in the first place. Snow to cool it down usually helps.

Check out the new post for the video!


Over and out from Frisco, Colorado.



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