New Blog!

I thought this would be the day to tell the world. For the the last week and a half I have been sending  ideas to the guys at Sportsbloggen, in order to get a new blog up and running. After the feel-good edit I put out last night, I feel it is about time to let wordpress go, and move on to sportsbloggen. It´s a new consept, with a slightly change; web-store, new comments-section, youtube gallery etc.. The blog will still be there, only with a new look. Tell me what you think.

The blog will be up and running with the same adress or in a few hours. Enjoy!


Pretty much the most epic shredit ever

And by epic I mean funny, not sick. LAst week has been a blast, skiing. Together with Halvard Thon, we have captured the reality while skiing the way I think is funny. “If it´s not fun doing something, don´t bother doing it”. Soooo… If jumping in deep powder doing stupid tricks you did 8 years ago is what makes you happy, well then do it!

I proudly present our epic week in moving pictures. Edited by Thomas Flått, yehaa.

New gadget!

I have been wanting this for a long time. Since I am not a iphone user (Nokia e-series), I figured I better have the other stuff Apple had to offer. In USA the iPad is pretty cheap compared to norway, so it was not a hard to know what to do.

We took the day off from skiing today, and hung out at Starbucks for a couple of hours, pretty much doing nothing. When I got back, Fed-eX had brought me this lovely iPad!

A little confirguring and tweaking before it was ready to rock!


One of the coolest features with the iPad, is the multi-touch function. 1000 points around the screen capturing your movements, and responding perfectly to it!

With this tiny app, I can control several features in Traktor at once. Traktor is a software I use with my cdplayers at home. This is what I call feature of djaying!  (not sure if this is the way to go for me though). Cd-players still rock!


Watch out for an edit tomorrow!

One word – Epic!

Early at it in Breck this morning. Better be early on Saturday and Sunday, park is CROWDED. As you can see, after one run on Freeway the line was stretching far beyond normal days. Quality wins over quantity on days like this. Ski smart!



There is nothing like new snow and sun in Breckenridge.

Me and Thon were not filming today, figured it was time to work on some tricks. Got my new Bern Baker helmet in the mail last night, thank you Josh!!

Last jump in Park-lane. So smooth!

Thon rocking the last feature in the park. Funny pipe/rail.

I gotta say I feel truly blessed on days like this. It feels like it´s unreal, that´s how good the park is.

Got a few back to back 720s in, a left 900 mute to switch combos, sw 10 were I lost my pole mid-air, and I actually managed to do my first two switch 1260´s with mutegrab. Gotta work on the landings though, a bit backseat!


Just a little different

Today started good, untill I realized that it was snowing like shit and wind-gusts stronger than two days ago. Me and Thon had a few runs in Breck but headed down after 1,5 hours or so. I also managed to crash into him in the air while following him with a camera.


We had lunch at the appartement, and at the same time we were waiting for our very own park-lane to settle. You see, we had buildt a jump outside our appartement for funzies, and it was all powder-snow, which is not very good making jumps with.

I haven´t had so much fun since I was 14, atleast so I felt while we hit the jump. We have been shooting video all day all week, so it should be interesting to see if we can pull off a decent edit soon.

And this is how you look after hitting a backyard jump. Just like good old days! Perfect!



The guy with a shovel. Notice the ladder to the left in the picture. Mexican low-pay workers were shuffeling snow on the roof all day, making fun of us making a jump. Well buhu, atleast we had fun shuffeling snow. haha.

Cold´n Sunny

Today We woke up early for once, and I managed to wake my roomate from his seriously disturbing deep sleep.

Bluebird and cold in Breck today, and the entire mountain was groomed perfectly for the guests to enjoy! Me and Halvard Thon were lapping Freeway and Park lane all day, switching roles as cameraman and skier. Thing we got a few keepers. Looking foreward to do a little longer edit in some days.


Ludde with his redicilous large (and cheap) pants from Target.

Days like this may sometimes turn out to be a masterpiece of art, if you capture it.

Snowboarder making his way out of the last jump in park-lane.

Last jump again. Perfect shaped!

You hear us talk about park-lane and freeway. Let´s clear things up. THIS is freeway, the most advanced park in Breck. The black-line if you like. DewTour went down in this course. Park-lane is the medium line, really creative and fun!

Let´s do this! #Followcam!

Last two jumps in the large freeway-park.