Old people like skiing

Christmas is the time you see your family the most, at least for me. And what is better do share something you do with them?

This is my great-grandfather Johan. He is nearly a 100-years old, and SUPER-interested in sports. As an old ski-jumper he knows what it takes to become a good skier. I brought my computer to play him some ski-edits. Not many that-old people are watching ski-edits, I tell you! But hey, how cool is that!?

After a quick dinner at home I hopped in the car and drove the 1-hour drive up to Storlien. Since I was planning on skiing today anyways, I figured I could just as well play a few hours at the nightclub too. Not exactly a busy night, but I had fun.


Outside has been getting SERIOUS amounts of snow the last couple of days, and I think I will try to find a steep hill and ski pow for the day!


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