One word – Epic!

Early at it in Breck this morning. Better be early on Saturday and Sunday, park is CROWDED. As you can see, after one run on Freeway the line was stretching far beyond normal days. Quality wins over quantity on days like this. Ski smart!



There is nothing like new snow and sun in Breckenridge.

Me and Thon were not filming today, figured it was time to work on some tricks. Got my new Bern Baker helmet in the mail last night, thank you Josh!!

Last jump in Park-lane. So smooth!

Thon rocking the last feature in the park. Funny pipe/rail.

I gotta say I feel truly blessed on days like this. It feels like it´s unreal, that´s how good the park is.

Got a few back to back 720s in, a left 900 mute to switch combos, sw 10 were I lost my pole mid-air, and I actually managed to do my first two switch 1260´s with mutegrab. Gotta work on the landings though, a bit backseat!


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