Memory from the spring

Just finished the daily activites here in Playa Del Ingles. After a good nights sleep and a quick dive into the pool, I spent nearly 7 hours in the sun studying. Long time since I got to do schoolwork this effective. As I sat with the computer with my flight-tasks,  Håkon Jørgensen sent me this picture from Megapark at Oppdal 2011. Epic picture from a skier that should have stayed home in bed due to sickness. Anyways, here it is!

My very own birthday-present!

I finished off work at midnight last night, and I think I had something like 3 hours of sleep before I was back at the airport, not work this time.

I jumped on a Norwegian plane for 6 hours straight and ended up in Cran Canaria.

I have been working nonstop the last two weeks, with training and school inbetween. Let’s just say this birthday-present was right on time. I get to spend some quality-time with my dad, and I have time to do some school whenever I am not out in the sun doing nothing. Picture is taken above the Las Palmas Airport.

Somewhere over the Island on Gran Canaria.

7 hours from home – And Presto! Our little week of paradise. I know what’s coming up the next few months, and let’s just say this helps me motivate 🙂 I have been so busy lately, that I have forgot to set up my tramp this season. It’s never to late, so it’s priority nr 1 when I get home! Funny how things come back to you when you relax.

And that is pretty much it. I am not going to do anything in particular the next week, just live and relax!

See you in a bit, maybe from the tramp or something fun!


It’s starting to look a lot like fall outside, and the temperatures has fallen from summer to ziphood.


Went for a run with my sister yesterday, felt like it was time to get some leg-power for the winter-season.


The daily routine this time of year is simple; you wake up – do some school-stuff for a few hours – work – sleep. Might be booring, but it pays for the long winter of travvelling.


Saw this energy-drink car in the garage at work, and just HAD to park next to him.


Bought myself a little present for november. Tickets to Sensation in Copenhagen!

Man of the ocean

Just finished of last week with 52 hours at work. But I think the time I spent sounds more scary than the work was. Pretty mellow actually.

Today was my day off, and I started the day with some mandatory flighttheory-reading. I have to learn as much as possible before my exam in October. So frustrating sometimes, and sometimes REALLY interesting!

I got a call from Even who was heading out with the boat (it was sunny this morning). I had no problems what so ever with accepting that invite, since I have bought a pair of Stereo Wake-skis for the summer. It was time to give them a try again. Finally!

I cannot complain when this is the view from the boat’s sunbed.

Smile and wave boys! Smile and wave…

I know how to controll a pair of twintip-skis, but THIS was all new to me. Look at that little kid. Is this your first day on wake-skis you say? Nope, second!

After 20+++ something fails and restarts, I managed to land a couple of 180’s to revert. Fun!!  Little hard to controll how much speed you need to pop and do tricks. Let’s just say that regular skis on real snow are many times easier…