Trampoline megapost

I’ve been busy with school, travels and work lately, and I have totally forgotten to set up my tramp this summer. Shame on me! After the gym-session last night, I figured it was about time to get some tricks done, and have some fun!

 The tramp itself is a Supertramp from and the model is called “Boomer”. IT comes in pieces, and you have to put it up yourself.

 The trampoline-building boss. Big daddy.

 You simply build a whole piece at each side, and link the two pieces together with two long poles of metal.

 It weights nearly 200 kg, and the parts are both heavy, and hard to  put together as you moves towards the end of the build.

 I just came back home from Lillesand gym, and was more than ready to get this thing up and running!

 Getting there..

 Allmost put together, except for the worst part; Getting the last pole together with the big part of the tramp.

 You see the problem? Everything is beeing held together by the pressure, and it is kind of hard to get the last bit together.

 My dad was trying so hard, and getting just a slightly bit angry. I, on the other hand, took a more easy part of the build.

 …and when my dad started getting this straps to pull everything together, my patience ran out.

 Last bit to go, the springs and the mat.

 And there you go! I just have to wash the blue protection-pads to put on the sides.



Right now I am at nightshift at work, having a break. Not that fun beeing all alone on the airport.

If you are planning to buy a tramp, or having any questions, feel free to give me a shout!

Peace, Steffen.







Practicing gymnastics with Tomas

Got invited over to join Tomas for a gymnastics-session in Trondheim yesterday. It’s been TOO long since I have done something ski/trick-related, and I was glad to join.  Here is a quick video to show you what went down..