Where is the snow?

At the day of November 1st I quit my job for the winter, and I thought I was going to ski pretty much 24/7 from that on. I was wrong. The calendar todays says November 24th, and there is still no snow in sight. I have been working more than ever, just to fill the days with something else than facebook and work-out.

Right now I am in Oslo after a meeting with Salomon where we talked about the upcoming season and plans regarding that. Seems like this winter will bring just as much fun as the last one. After all the positive feedback on my season-edit, my ski-stokeness went up with a 100 %. Looks like people still enjoy skiing without all the aerials in it. 🙂 Thank you so much for the support, you are the best!

As you can see, the capital of Norway has some serious lack of white gold.

New Salomon gear, I am a freak when it comes to ball-caps and shoes, so these two was very welcome!

My tickets are booked for December’s Colorado-trip with Dew-Tour and fun. Should be awesome!


2010/2011 Season Recap

I’ve been wanting to tell you this for a long time, but I felt I had to keep it a secret, until I knew it were happening for real. Christer Mathisen, a filmmaker from Trondheim, has put together memories from what has been the funniest season ever. With my voicesovers that shortly explaines where I’ve been and what I have done, this might be something I am really proud of. I had a lot of shots from the season, but I didn’t quite know what to do with them.

Well, here is the result. 9 minutes of pure ski-happiness. Enjoy!


Hey all you ski-stoked kids and people! I can see now that it’s been more than a while since last time I was in here, but I have had my hands full with school, work and getting ready for the new season.

To recap the last few weeks:

My family went to London for a few days, to go shopping and see the city.

Arnold tried his best acting like a tough-guy. I had to show him who’s “tha boss”.

Obama standing while I’m comfy in the chair? Fine! Get a chair Barack?

Best Coffee in a long time. Costa!

It might not look that big, but this tree was HUGE!

Turns out, London is a awesome city. I definately wanna go back there.

On my way home from London I happend to sit just in front of these two lovely ladies, without even knowing. The Nervo-sisters. Coolest dj-duo in the world. They were warming up for David Guetta in Trondheim, the same place I rushed to after de-boarding the plane from London. And YES. David Guetta is awesome live!

I have been reading for my flight-exams all summer and fall, and the results came back pretty positive. I am happy that I only had 1 class failed out of 10. It’s not even a difficult one.  After London and Exams I went to Copenhagen for Sensation White with a few friends, before the ski-season kicks off.

As usual, Sensation never fails. Best night ever!

After Copenhagen I drove the 400 km to Lillehammer to get some rails going at the railpark, before attending Field Invitational Railjam. I was a little nervous before skiing to be honest. It’s been nearly 7 months since the last time. It did work out just fine, and skiing is fun as allways.

I ended up with a spot to the finals, in a railcomp that can only be described as “pure mayhem”! People where throwing DOWN!  I had so much fun skiing rails again, and I cannot wait until December 6th when I board my plane to Colorado and Breckenridge!

In the meantime, while we pray for snow, you can watch out for something cool on Friday/Saturday. I think you will be pleased to see what’s dropping!

I was out all night yesterday, shooting interviews with Christer Mathisen.  All I can say, is that this project we arte working on will be pretty awesome!

I will be bloging more often in the future, as the skiing begins!

Here is a little threat from the railjam last weekend. Take care, Steffen.R.H.