Hey all you ski-stoked kids and people! I can see now that it’s been more than a while since last time I was in here, but I have had my hands full with school, work and getting ready for the new season.

To recap the last few weeks:

My family went to London for a few days, to go shopping and see the city.

Arnold tried his best acting like a tough-guy. I had to show him who’s “tha boss”.

Obama standing while I’m comfy in the chair? Fine! Get a chair Barack?

Best Coffee in a long time. Costa!

It might not look that big, but this tree was HUGE!

Turns out, London is a awesome city. I definately wanna go back there.

On my way home from London I happend to sit just in front of these two lovely ladies, without even knowing. The Nervo-sisters. Coolest dj-duo in the world. They were warming up for David Guetta in Trondheim, the same place I rushed to after de-boarding the plane from London. And YES. David Guetta is awesome live!

I have been reading for my flight-exams all summer and fall, and the results came back pretty positive. I am happy that I only had 1 class failed out of 10. It’s not even a difficult one.  After London and Exams I went to Copenhagen for Sensation White with a few friends, before the ski-season kicks off.

As usual, Sensation never fails. Best night ever!

After Copenhagen I drove the 400 km to Lillehammer to get some rails going at the railpark, before attending Field Invitational Railjam. I was a little nervous before skiing to be honest. It’s been nearly 7 months since the last time. It did work out just fine, and skiing is fun as allways.

I ended up with a spot to the finals, in a railcomp that can only be described as “pure mayhem”! People where throwing DOWN!  I had so much fun skiing rails again, and I cannot wait until December 6th when I board my plane to Colorado and Breckenridge!

In the meantime, while we pray for snow, you can watch out for something cool on Friday/Saturday. I think you will be pleased to see what’s dropping!

I was out all night yesterday, shooting interviews with Christer Mathisen.  All I can say, is that this project we arte working on will be pretty awesome!

I will be bloging more often in the future, as the skiing begins!

Here is a little threat from the railjam last weekend. Take care, Steffen.R.H.



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