Happy New Year!

Slightly early to claim the new year, but I figured better safe than sorry.

It’s been a crazy year, and I cannot wait to see what the next one has to offer. I spent my last day in 2011 with a little shopping and skiing the banana-rail at home. Superfun, and probably the best day we have had all christmas.

Just look how beautiful this day was. Cold and new snow over night.

A little trick for you. Switch lipslide to switch, also found in the medium-section of rails in THIS little iPhone app. 

Happy Newyear’s everyone! 

I’m about to dress up and have a good dinner with friends tonight. Are you doing anything fun tonight?


Sweden x 2

Just came home after a LONG day in Sweden, again. Two days, two different ski-resorts in Sweden. 400 km in car really takes the toll on you. Especially when you ski hard for 4 hours in between. To tired to post some pictures right now, but they will be out later tonight or tomorrow. Peaceee


Just came back from Storlien from a meeting with the ski-resort and Jacob Wester on the phone. I got a few runs in the slopes too, allthough the conditions was really poor. We need more snow, so that will be my wish for the new year.

Up and at it early today, woke up at 6 and drove the 1,5 hour up to Storlien.

You are up for a big threat. This is the 2013 model of an awesome Salomon-model. Can you see the name of the ski? So fun in the back-country, and I cannot wait until the next big snowfall!


Where do you ski this Christmas?

On the first day of Christmas

We got snow! Best gift ever. It doesn’t really bother me that it’s wet snow. The storm is coming in tonight, and they named it Dagmar. Stupid names, haha. Trying to figure out wether or not I should go for a gym-session before dinner, and before I head up to Storlien tonight.



Maybe I can get some real skiing done at home soon, instead of going to the alps with no plan.

Are you going to Storlien this Christmas?

Merry Christmas

I have been spending my day like I allways do the 24th of December; In front of the TV with candy and good food. The only exception from Cinderella and candy this year, was the fact that I geared up and hit the railyard for an hour in between. It was icy, but still nice to get some skiing going every day. Put on some good music and get some fresh air.

Minimalistic is the new way of hardcore set-ups.

I went to church like I allways do, while my dad was home making sure the dinner was top notch. I got some nice presents, but the most fun part is to see how people react to your presents. I like buying them, makes me feel good about my self. I think the christmas spirit was all over me this year, haha.

Tomorrow I am heading up to Storlien, Sweden to party and play some music at the club “Hörnet”. Should be some good times with awesome people.

How was your Christmas night? Did you get any nice presents? 

Merry X-Mas everyone. And thanks for reading this blog. Makes my day every day!

Peace, Steffen.