28 hours

Been a while since last time I posted a decent blog. Well, this time it’s about time, since I got to USA and Colorado last night. Best way to sum up the 28 hours of travelling is pictures, I guess.


After a rather bumpy ride from Trondheim to Amsterdam, and passenger next to me with extreme fair of flying, I got on to board the Delta flight from Amsterdam to Detroit. Fine looking sky at 36900 ft.

Ready to board the plane in Detroit after barely making it due to some serious interrogation with the US boarder and immigration. Not to smart to say that you are a skier, they don’t like that… as i turns out.

Delta and Norwegian are two of very few airline comopanies that offers wifi-connection at cruise-altitudes, and facebook while beeing airborn never gets old.

Turning left on descent to Denver. Epic view!

Somewhere near Denver. Looks like a desert to me. Is that right?

If you ever get to fly to Denver int’l Airport, make sure to check out the Panda Express. Best food ever!

My flight arrived at 4.30 PM, and this ugly Swede’s plane didn’t land before 8.30, so I had a few hours of waiting in Denver. Good thing he showed up eventually!

Our home for the next two weeks. Thanks again, to Paul for hooking us up with a room! Snowshoe Motel in Frisco, CO.

Kim is looking mighty fine at Walmart. We had to get ourselves matching cellphones to use in the US. Stoked to finally own one after 4 years of beeing here. LOL.

Skiing is up, should be fun after 8 months of NO skiing. See you!



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