First day in Breck

First day in Breck doesn’t really sum everything up. I haven’t been skiing since april, and I must admit I was a little curious of how things would go down.

Kim had to mount some new skis before heading up to the park. This shot is from Breckenridge, a quiet little town. Really nice place to be before christmas!

Norwegian team-rider for Salomon Tiril and myself to the left rocking the new outfit.

It’s only the top part of the medium-park that’s open yet, but the DewTour course is beeing buildt as we speak, and Keystone’s big line is about to open any day soon too!

I had a few crashes yesterday, but I like to blame some of it on the jetlag and my lack of consentration, but mostly the lack of skiing. Superfun to get started again.

To all you that are getting hyped up for the season, make sure to check out this little vid:


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