Keystone and The Rule-Tour


In order to get from Frisco to Keystone you have to take 2 buses, and therefore the sleepy 0900 am face on Kim.

Not any snow at all besides the man-made snow in the slopes. Weird, since it’s christmas in just 11 days.

Keystone has opened their bigline this weekend, and I was curious what the jumps was like.

To be completely honest, this is the best park they have ever had in Keystone. Stepover jumps with long safe landings. So much fun skiing!

Me trying to look mighty fine for the camera.

Mr. I wear all black every day. Kimbo impressed me with both ways sw 10’s today. So good!

Medium line to the right, big-line to the left. Looking good eh?

Gotta take the bus back to Breckenridge, to get registered for the Dew-Tour. (as from today will only be mentioned as “rule-tour”.


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